The spring is in full swing, and the Tree Pit Gardens on Tunmarsh Lane are in bloom…and looking glorious. Continuous hard work by our local volunteers-Tree Pit Gardeners, regular watering and weeding have resulted in an abundant display of lupins, lavender, anemones and dahlias…with the imminent arrival of poppies and gladiolas in the coming weeks! Gardening Club Plus volunteers have also been lending a hand in making sure the Tree Pit Gardens are looking their best, and some of the plants that have ‘wandered off’ have been replaced, few new added, and bulbs are coming up too.

If you have not cast your eye at them before, I invite you to take a  stroll down Tunmarsh Lane…its not quite a Chelsea Flower Show…but its a flower show nevertheless!

Tree Pit Gardeners had a meeting at the end of April, and asked for a water butt to be installed- and it is now in place, thanks to the handiwork of one of the local builders, who also happens to live next to the Tree Pit Gardens!

It will serve the three Tree Pit Gardens at the corner of Upperton Rd Wes and Tunmarsh Lane, but can be used for all of them, as the owners of the house kindly allow access to any volunteers who want to give a hand with watering during the dry season(which is coming up, if the forecast is to be trusted).

Serco have been very swift in removing rubbish that gets  fly-tipped by the street bin, allowing the Tree Pits to show off their beauty…but that spot remains a particular painful point for the local residents, and we have been promised by Newham Council and Plaistow Neighbourhood Team that it will be monitored for the next two months, to identify whether it qualifies for CCTV- which is what the residents want, and have been asking for.

There is one more Tree Pit  on the same stretch of the road that is up for a make over, so any of you green fingered enthusiast would like to help create another wonderful display of plants and flowers, please get in touch with Milena at, or 07388-406-499. This make-over will take place in the next few weeks, and is wholeheartedly supported by staff at Tunmarsh Centre, as it is right outside their main entrance. The staff at the Centre have pledged to keep a watchful eye, and water as necessary.