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Celebrating Plaistow Trees in Tree Dressing week

We thought we’d like to show our trees some love this December!  Trees are everywhere in Plaistow and with a little bit of ‘tree dressing’ we may all notice them and appreciate them a bit more.

National tree week is 25th November to 3rd December and Tree Dressing week is usually the first week in December.  Tree Dressing is picking up in popularity and we’re bringing it to Plaistow.

To launch tree dressing week we are going to make our own Barking Road Plane tree beautiful on Thursday 30th November between 12 and 2.  This event is not suitable for children for safety reasons,  but adult fun lovers are welcome!  Info here 

We’ve teamed up with the Greenway Orchard Green Gym to dress some Orchard trees on Thursday 7th December.  Drop by between 11 and 2 and join this winter activity, find out about the Orchard, meet some other locals, and be inspired to dress your trees. Kids welcome.  Flyer here

Have you got a tree in your road you’d like to dress?  Please tell us, as we may be able to help with ideas or materials, and send us the pics. 🙂

To see some wonderful ideas and info on tree dressing from a Waltham Forest community artist Vicky – take a look at this. 

Ros and Milena,  Green Spaces Community Workers

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