The Greenway Orchard Wassail shows that families want nature spaces

We were very happy with celebration of the Orchard on a cold, drizzly Saturday on 3rd February.  🙂

Children were able to play tea parties in the raised beds, decorate apple trees, join a pot banging procession, toast marshmallows, eat freshly roasted monkey nuts and join the Wassail.  Adults and children had a tour of the Orchard, ate apple/cakes and pies and got to know the Orchard for the first time.

This was our Wassail song:

“Old faithful apple tree

We have come to wassail thee

Will you bear some fruit for me

When the season changes.”

We would like organise something for national play day on Wednesday 1st August, somewhere on our patch… could be the Orchard, Barbers Alley, your street.  We are generally looking for green spaces that you think could be developed or improved or used more.

Please get in touch if you are interested to help with this.