We took advantage of a corporate work day on the Greenway to get 50 sunflowers planted on 1st May 2019.  Sunflowers are beautiful as well as being brilliant for insects and birds.  The trouble of course is that sunflowers need water and the rain is not likely to be enough, especially if we have a hot and dry summer like last year.

We want to see if this could be a community effort to take an extra bottle with you, or a watering can if you’re nearby and generally look after these sunflowers.  There’s always a risk that if they don’t die from drought, a strong wind could break them, or they could get stolen!

We see this as a community experiment. We have checked that they will not get mowed over or sprayed with pesticide.  So now it is just down to a joint effort to look after them.

Maybe you want to adopt a few?  Maybe these could be marked by a ribbon or something?

We have taken the risk, and if you have ideas to make this work, please do get in touch. / 07957 534908.

Don’t forget, if you like nature and gardening, we run a Gardening + club most Wednesdays and the Green Gym in the Greenway Orchard on Thursdays 11-2