Enterprising MasterCard Corporate Volunteers planted 50 sunflowers on 1st May on two stretches of the Greenway between Barking Rd and Boundary Lane…and they are coming up! Young, strong seedlings are fighting their way up along the fence, against the odds..

Helped by the watering of passers by, and last Friday evening by the group of young Cornerstone Café Girls Group, they are slowly but surely gaining height-we can’t wait!

The display cards  dotted along the fence asking for seedlings to be watered are raising interest of Greenway user too.

Just earlier today two plucky walkers, Chris and Glennys visited the  sunflower growing site on their epic Capital Ring walk, commended the efforts of the volunteers and said how impressed they were with the Greenway on the whole!

They promised they will be back in a few months to see the sunflower in bloom…now that is the sight we are all eagerly awaiting!