Plaistow Play Day in Barbers Alley and Plaistow Park – Weds 1 August

Bring your imagination, kids…. and enjoy Play Day on Wednesday 1st August

We are delighted to be running an event to celebrate National Play Day on the first Wednesday in August.  At PSBL we know from residents that there’s a need for children to have plenty of opportunity and experience to play outside and on streets, as was so common in the  past. Well, we’re using an alley and the park 🙂

It’s a simple event,  and all about play.  We have identified a couple of trees that can be made into a camp (hoping pegs and sheets will do!), we’ve got some nature craft activities and Plaistow Community Neighbourhoods is bringing along a table tennis table and some board games.

All  set!  Do come.  The event is up to you kids, and your imaginations 🙂