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Notes from the Orchard

Wednesday, 18th April

Gloriously sunny and warm this morning, hardly anyone passing the Orchard on the Greenway. I sit on the bench, preparing today’s session and sipping a cup of tea from the flask I brought. The birds are singing on the nearby apple tree, just showing its first tender blossom. Am I still in London? I feel so far removed from the hustle and bustle of nearby Regents Lane, the sound of cars, busses and people waiting at the bust top drowned in greenery of the Greenway.

I have a look at the planter.Radishes have come up, being sown two weeks ago…so small, just two leaves each..but hardy. Tomato seedlings did not survive, must plant new ones. Strawberries and nasturtium look healthy and are sprouting new leaves. I wage a war on sycamore seedlings, few passers by wave ‘good morning’, looking with interest at what am I up to- I invite them to join me, but they have other plans.

Time for another cup of tea. My regular companions are not here this morning, and I miss their animated chatter, but the peace and serenity of the place soon overwhelm me. I wonder, would anyone else feel the same sense of belonging and joy amongst the Orchard trees? Until next time, hope you can join me on the 2nd of May. 🙂

PS. I made a decision to come back to the Orchard later on today, after work and do some yoga and writing. This not- so-secret spot is drawing me back with its simplicity and calm.