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Making our Barking Road PSBL Plane tree bright and beautiful – join us

We’re having fun planning for the PSBL large, plane tree – the one just outside the office.  We want to make it bright and beautiful to launch tree dressing week in Plaistow.

Got bright outworn clothes you could donate?  Got a charity shop that would give us some colourful cloth that can’t be sold?

We’re going to cut strips, sew onto a long strip and then wrap around our tree.

Here’s the tree all bare.  We’re going to make it bright and beautiful.

  • Thursday 30th November 12-2pm
  • Meet behind the wall, REIN/PSBL office

You can help us create the tree wrap and sew on the day, or maybe you would like to join a session on Weds 29th at The Mix, a double gardening club and crafts morning.  Or make something  and bring it along to hang on the tree.

Please do be aware that this event needs to be safe as the tree is obviously so close to the road.   We’ve had a think about how to make it safe as well as fun and will need you to join our health and safety briefing.

Please make contact for more information: 534908 or ring office.

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  1. […] To launch tree dressing week we are going to make our own Barking Road Plane tree beautiful on Thursday 30th November between 12 and 2.  This event is not suitable for children for safety reasons,  but adult fun lovers are welcome!  Info here […]

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