Wouldn’t sunflowers on the Greenway look lovely!

We are glad to announce that on the day of the first Plaistow Youth Market in 2018, you are welcome to join our Green Spaces community workers in a community planting activity.   We’ll have some happy sunflower seedlings ready to set their roots into their new home on the Greenway.   We will provide gloves and spades/trowels/watering cans – but we do need more.

Saturday 28 April @ Plaistow Youth Market, Greenway (Barking Road to Prince Regent Lane) 11.30-2ish

We’ve got the permissions and support from Thames Water and Newham Council and an agreement they won’t be mowed over when they are still small and  vulnerable.

Meet at the PSBL stall at the Barking Road end.  Children are very welcome with parent/carers.  There will be activities for all abilities/ages. For more information email: Ros@plaistowsouthbiglocal.org.uk or ring/text 07957 534908.

For information on the Plaistow Youth Market and if you want a stall or to help email lora@plaistowsouthbiglocal.org.uk or ring/text 07405 611338

With thanks to Thames Water, Newham Council and the Green Gym

The Plaistow Youth Market will be running on the 4th Saturday of the month from April to September from 11-3. 🙂