We have been running the Bloomin’ Plaistow competition for a few years to showcase the contribution of Plaistow gardeners to our community living space.

There were 32 entries for Bloomin’ Plaistow 2019. Over 20 local people anonymously chose our winners for two categories for our 2019 competition: front gardens and basket/tubs. The prizes for this wonderful contribution of residents to our area were vouchers for 2 local family-run Florist businesses: Sewell near Plaistow Station and Abbi Florist by the Abbey Arms.

The Awards Ceremony and Gardeners social was on 8th August and it was clear that although gardeners entered into the competition (and some of the winners) did not think of themselves as experts, that valuable tips were shared by everyone there. Everyone learned something!

” It was lovely to see people coming together and a real celebration of people’s creativity, even in very small spaces. We were extremely grateful for the support from local florists for our 2019 prizes. Big Local is very much about keeping things local and we understand the importance of stand alone businesses that have been part of our community life for a long while. ” Denny Cornuaud, Community Development & Engagement Lead

Previous competitions:  Here are the photos of the 2018 winners and you could take a look at our 2017 winners.