The Greenway Orchard Green Gym volunteers pick litter on the Orchard site every single Thursday. In recognition of a recent and generous TKMaxx donation, they are doing a special litter pick at the PSBL shed on 27 February 11-2. The site is very littered and overgrown.

The Greenway Orchard Green Gym is now an independent community group in its own right. The inaugural AGM was held at The Mix on 19th February, with support from PSBL. The Officers (Clive, Eleanor & Nathalie) and the committee (Jaqui, Lucy & Will) have decided that they want to devote a whole Green Gym session to litter picking. This will take place on Thursday 27 February, 11-2, on the corner of Prince Regent Lane and the Greenway. See the flyer below. If you want to come, just turn up or ring -07957 534908