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Gorgeous front gardens celebrated in Bloomin’ Plaistow 2018

We are delighted to announce that from 53 nominations we have Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in the three categories: baskets, boxes and front gardens. 🙂

The criteria:  The nominations were within PSBL area, front gardens only (not back), best use space available and overall impression.

  • BASKETS: Gold – 139 Sutton Court Road, Silver – 78 Wigston Road, Bronze – 1 Wanlip Road
  • BOXES: Gold – 64 Crofton Road, Silver – 114 Sutton Court Road, Bronze – 99 Brock Road
  • FRONT GARDENS: 3 Port Crescent, Silver – 88-90 Tunmarsh Lane, Bronze – 90 Wigston Road

Well done all! 🙂  We have a fabulous golden trowel for the Gold winners and £100, £50 and £25 vouchers to hand out. For those that did not make the awards ceremony, we will be knocking on your door soon. All nominations will be getting a call in the next few weeks for a small prize too.





Thank you to the winners and all nominations for making Plaistow South beautiful!

To see photos and information about the 2018 Awards ceremony event and Forum. we will put the link here shortly.