In just a couple of hours, Egham Road residents transformed their planter from overgrown and a bit scruffy to tidy, beautiful, healthy and ready for more plants.  Six families helped out including the children of course.

“I was involved when the planter was put in.  I really wanted to get some of the scruffy and overgrown plants out.  I think some small rose bushes will look nice.  We can keep an eye and make sure it is well kept from now on“.  Joanita

The main team of 4 putting in the hard work on 15th February were Joanita and Mary who had both been involved when PSBL and partners built the planters in 2016, joined by Saman and Franco (both newer families) with help from the children.

It was good to hear that the grass is regularly cut to keep the green under control – a task shared by Saman and Ben.  It was also good to hear that resident Kenisha organises a children’s event each summer on the green and everyone nearby is invited.

It’s great to see the children playing together on the green!” Kenisha

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, while the planter was being tidied up, topped up with compost and beautiful spring flower planted, the children were able to chalk, paint, play badminton and run aroundNeighbours were able to meet each other for the first time and to realise that they all want the planter and their shared green to be beautiful and well kept.  

“This was a successful day.  We can always support Egham Road residents with resources and help but success for us, is residents taking it over. This seems to have been achieved today…. To other residents of Plaistow South – if you have a space for plants or planters, do get in touch and we can help you make your patch beautiful.”  (To see the planning and when the planter was installed, click here)

Ros and Milena, Green Spaces Community Workers

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