The Green Gym committee and conservation volunteers are absolutely delighted, as well as relieved, that a secure container has been delivered to the Greenway Orchard.  This is a much-loved Container that means tools can be held on site as well as chairs and tables and other equipment. The Green Gym has re-opened since Covid-19 with some updated procedures, and it is open every Thursday 11-2.

The need for a solution started in November 2019, when the heavy-duty hand-built table and bench was seriously vandalised, followed by damage to the water butt shed and some trees.  Triio, the gas contractor, was working on the site at the time and Bernie was personally upset.  He had enjoyed the previous weeks’ harvest festival event as a keen gardener (he has an allotment) and promised that he would provide the volunteers with a container. 

It has been a long process with so many permissions and hoops but at last on Saturday morning, a couple of the volunteers were there to welcome the Container to the orchard!  Bernie was there too. 

The snap is of Clive (Chair), Bernie (Gas works) and Zofia (newest volunteer).  The one below includes Jim, Head gardener at the hospital.

“This is a wonderful day.  Thanks so much to those who have helped us along the way. Thanks to Thames Water, Newham Council, Bernie and Triio, Newham Hospital, Jim and gardening team, and of course PSBL” Clive

If you would like to join the Green Gym volunteers, please do contact them first, so they can make sure Covid-19 precautions are in place.  You can also be added to a weekly text reminder to let you know what is happening each week.  Lucy 07543 519174 /