Community meeting – giving Barbers Alley a new look!

Community meeting – giving Barbers Alley a new look

Thursday 22 March 6.15-7.45 in Plaistow library


Barbers Alley hosted it’s first community event and market during the Newham Alleyways Festival last year.  See the pics!  Since then, there’s been a second mural as part of Newham Word Festival.

We’ve had some conversations with residents about the alley.  Locals see Barbers Alley as a space for arts, community events, markets, children’s play and a space for plants and flowers.

Barbers Alley ‘make-over’ stage 1 – greening it up

Meeting Agenda: Spring planter building day, choosing plants, care & maintenance, troubleshooting, what’s next?

A particpatory meeting for all ages

Plaistow South Big Local is planning a spring community action day to erect some bigger wooden planters to join the 3 planters recently delivered by Plaistow Community Neighbourhoods.

Local knowledge and ideas needed – what will and won’t work?  An opportunity for you to join a community project that will run all year – re-visioning Barbers Alley.

Please do book in with the library if you plan to attend or book on this link or contact Ros at Plaistow South Big Local / 07957 534908

This is partnership project with Plaistow Community Neighbourhoods