The Plaistow Orchard gets care and attention every Thursday by the Green Gym volunteers. The Orchard is a feel-good touch of wildness and nature on the Greenway to be enjoyed by everyone. Unfortunately a week after our fabulous harvest festival event at end of October, vandals destroyed hand-made benches, the water butt shed and damaged the wooden table. This was very disheartening for the volunteers and all at PSBL and the way forward wasn’t at all clear.

Amazing things have happened since the vandalism. Gas work contractors tRIIO and Skanka have widened our paths and mulched them, and Bernie of tRIIO has identified an on-site container to store our equipment and will fund its delivery. Volunteer Clive is building the shuttering for a concrete base and permissions have been granted.

It’s just that we need cement/sand etc, a cement mixer, a generator (there’s no electricity on site) and muscle on the day, which could be a weekend. Can you help? Have you got any contacts? We hope to keep on with the in-kind support which has been phenomenal so far. We see such potential for this small patch of nature. We want to carry out this work and get the container on site by the end of January if we can.

Since the vandalism we have done many positive things:

Please do get in touch if …… you would like to join the Thursday Green Gym sessions – we could always do with more help. 11-2 every week…… or you want to help with the hard work of making the concrete base……. or you know anyone that has a cement mixer and generator we could borrow, and local companies who would be willing to help with materials.

Please get in touch with volunteer Clive (07485 123556) , or Ros at PSBL (07957 534908 /