We are proud to reveal the brand new, beautiful wooden planter, installed on the lawn in Chalk Road.  This was a project that neighbours have been discussing and planning with Milena and Ros (our Green Spaces community workers) over quite a few months.

Chalk Road resident, Joseph, already has a gorgeous open garden on the green, so his next door neighbour Zhivka and fellow neighbour Christine wanted to make the lawn more inviting for residents to enjoy outdoors.  They had spied our planter in nearby Egham Road, and liked it.

Once we knew that all the neighbours were on board, we got in touch with Groundwork to advise on size and scale, fitting in with neighbours wishes. Groundwork found a great team of staff from JLL to do most of the physical work in building, fixing and preparing the planter in a corporate volunteer team day event.

So, on Thursday 13th September, with the sun beaming down, the JLL team under the guidance of Groundwork drew the attention and interest of local residents from nearby roads.  It was a lively gathering for people to drop by, talk and find out more.  Residents were very appreciative.  One elderly gentleman said “what you are doing is marvelous, thank you so much”.  Kenisha from Egham Road came along to help pull out vines and weeds from the green.  Neighbours brought out biscuits.  Joseph came by after his day at work to thank the volunteers.

The plants were put in a week later on a wet Saturday afternoon by Zhivka, Christine and families and final planting of the dwarf cypress tree by Joseph and Zhivka just this week.  The residents have cut the grass and it all looks very splendid!

Some comments by residents:

Tony: I’m pleased herbs have been planted.

Joseph: I like that we can walk both sides of the planter.  I look forward to picking the herbs for cooking. I will keep an eye on them.

Zhivka: I am very happy 🙂


We are financing a shared lawn mower for Chalk Road so that residents can keep the grass cut and their shared space looking lovely.

See our short video of the day below 🙂