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Make a seasonal wreath for beautiful Plaistow front doors!

Come and enjoy a wintry workshop (in the warm!) working with beautiful, winter, evergreen,  local foliage to make a seasonal wreath. Wednesday 19 December 10am

We are keen to harvest Plaistow foliage and plants, so do bring along any greenery you have or can find (Holly, Firs, Buxus, Bay, Ivy) and any dried flowers that would look good.  We can supply all the plant materials, if you don’t have any, but do bring the baubles or other decorations you want to add to your wreath.

  • Wednesday 19th December 10am-11.30.  Booking essential (see below)
  • VENUE: The Mix, 1A Cumberland Road, Plaistow E13 8LH (next to the garage)

Children are welcome but we need to know they are coming.  Maximum of 20 people each session

The workshop will be led by our green spaces community worker, Milena.

Our Green Spaces work is as a result of resident’s wanting the green spaces in Plaistow South to be valued and improved and for the neighbourhood to be greener and more beautiful.  Milena and I are hoping that there will be some very beautiful front doors, that guests will learn new skills and confidence in working with plants and that there will be a greater appreciation and knowledge of the plants in the area.  Ros (the other green spaces community worker)

Here’s a pic of a Plaistow front door from last year…. 🙂

To book a place please email

or text 07388 406499 or 07957 534908.


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Cook up a Community Christmas cake with us – Weds 21 November

Gardening club turns to community cooking club!

It is that time of the year when leaves fall off the branches, hot drinks are preferable to cold ones, and gardeners turn to cooking… On Wednesday,21st November from 10-11.30, we will gather in The Mix,1 Cumberland Rd,E13 8LH, and mix up a Community Xmas cake- first one ever made by the PSBL!

Please join us for a hot drink, bit of mixing,some baking and a lot of chatting! We’d love to hear your memories of Xmas when you were little, traditions upheld in your home, and festivities around the arrival of New year.

There is an indoor garden that also needs a bit of sprucing, if you feel like dabbling with greenery.

All ingredients will be provided, only your presence and good spirit needed! The cake will be matured, and sampled in December during our Xmas Wreath workshop on 19th December, celebrated in eastern European countries as St Nicholas Day.

Hope you can join me!  For the gardening club programme for the rest of the year see the flyer below. Milena


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Join tree planting on Beaumont Rd Green 29th November

On Thursday 29 November, come along and plant 45 tree saplings, donated by the Mayor of London!  Green up your Plaistow neighbourhood by planting Oak, Alder, Beech and Hornbeam.  This is a momentous occasion that will leave a lasting legacy 🙂

Beaumont Road Green and Kent Street Green 12-4pm (E13 8RJ)

Refreshments, hot drinks and tools provided but bring gardening gloves and spades if you can.

Just turn up and pitch in for as long as you are able.  We are hoping the Newham Mayor will be there!

For more info / 07388 406499

This is a partnership between PSBL, Plaistow Community Neighbourhood and of course local residents.

Milena & Ros,  Green Spaces Community Workers

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A sad goodbye to Simon our Coordinator

We are sorry to announce that our fabulous Coordinator Simon Vincent, one of a kind, has decided to take early retirement.  Simon recently took a sabbatical and got to like the retired life!

Simon has been with Plaistow South Big Local since our beginning in 2013, contributing with his immense experience and passion for community development, and a long working history in Newham.

The steering group held a goodbye meal for Simon at Kate’s Cafe on Balaam Street on Monday 12 November – delicious Ghanaian food, games and speeches.

“We are grateful to Simon for his role in helping to develop Plaistow South Big Local to its current strength and for his hard work and dedication to community development.  We wish him the very best for his future.  The PSBL Steering Group is currently reflecting on its future staffing needs and reviewing its needs” Kim Donahue, Big Local Rep

Our ‘Goodbye Simon’ meal at Kate’s cafe

“We are so sorry to see Simon go and his empty desk, distinct lack of jokes and his cheerful, calming presence!  He was the best line manager all of us have ever had. We share his love of Plaistow South Big Local, and with the support and guidance we had when he was here, Simon has given us confidence to  carry on with the important work”  Lora, Ros, Milena.

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Picnic Celebration of the Greenway Orchard Green Gym Thurs 25 October

Do come and join this celebration of 2 years Green Gym work in the Greenway Orchard and the handing of the baton to PSBL!

Our role will be to support the volunteer team in continuing and growing as a group and the Green Gym and Orchard itself to grow, develop and be self sustaining. 🙂

Come along at 12.30 on Thursday 25th October.  Or arrive at 10.45 if you want to do a bit of physical work and get your hands and bodies active.   You can meet lead volunteer Amanda, our Green Spaces community workers and TCV staff.

A cause for celebration.  Come rain or shine! 

We are particularly delighted because our February Wassail event in the Orchard to help the trees fruit, also brought a harvest for PSBL of a new role, which will bring a harvest of many local people getting involved in the Orchard and the Green Gym 🙂

For more info: Anna of TCV – see flyer below, or Ros of PSBL.

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Plaistow Youth Market review – still time for your feedback

News from Plaistow Youth Market…..We have now reached the end of our April to September monthly markets on the Greenway in 2018 and our Traders and partners are holding a review on Saturday 20th October.  It will be a working event and also a celebration, followed by a meal 🙂

We have collected feedback from our customers and passers by over the market season and are always open to more.  We will be making important decisions about future markets at the review and always like to hear your feedback.

Do email with any comments you would like us to consider at the review.  We will update with our review outcome and future market plans soon.


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Thumbs up for Plaistow harvest festival on a very wet day!

When that rain came down on the morning of Saturday 6th October and stayed all day, we really did not know who would turn up at 3pm!  We were delighted that 17 of us made it. And we enjoyed it!  Dog walkers, families,  and a resident who just wants to meet more people now that she has a baby.

We tasted delicious jams, chutneys and lemon curd.  Milena’s corn dolly workshop was popular.  We sampled apple cake and scones.  And tried some herb teas.  All this with the patter of rain and the melodious guitar and voice of Sam Castell Ward.

“I saw the poster and I wasn’t going to let the rain stop me!  As a dog walker I’m used to be outside in all weathers.”






If you like the outdoors, there’s plenty of places in Plaistow for you to experience nature.  And one of our jobs is to ensure there is more!  We are now taking over the Green Gym licence and will be supporting the continuation of the weekly green gym workouts in the Orchard.  More information to follow.

With thanks to Sam for the music and for those that donated jams, chutneys and cakes for us to try!

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Brand new planter for Chalk Road

We are proud to reveal the brand new, beautiful wooden planter, installed on the lawn in Chalk Road.  This was a project that neighbours have been discussing and planning with Milena and Ros (our Green Spaces community workers) over quite a few months.

Chalk Road resident, Joseph, already has a gorgeous open garden on the green, so his next door neighbour Zhivka and fellow neighbour Christine wanted to make the lawn more inviting for residents to enjoy outdoors.  They had spied our planter in nearby Egham Road, and liked it.

Once we knew that all the neighbours were on board, we got in touch with Groundwork to advise on size and scale, fitting in with neighbours wishes. Groundwork found a great team of staff from JLL to do most of the physical work in building, fixing and preparing the planter in a corporate volunteer team day event.

So, on Thursday 13th September, with the sun beaming down, the JLL team under the guidance of Groundwork drew the attention and interest of local residents from nearby roads.  It was a lively gathering for people to drop by, talk and find out more.  Residents were very appreciative.  One elderly gentleman said “what you are doing is marvelous, thank you so much”.  Kenisha from Egham Road came along to help pull out vines and weeds from the green.  Neighbours brought out biscuits.  Joseph came by after his day at work to thank the volunteers.

The plants were put in a week later on a wet Saturday afternoon by Zhivka, Christine and families and final planting of the dwarf cypress tree by Joseph and Zhivka just this week.  The residents have cut the grass and it all looks very splendid!

Some comments by residents:

Tony: I’m pleased herbs have been planted.

Joseph: I like that we can walk both sides of the planter.  I look forward to picking the herbs for cooking. I will keep an eye on them.

Zhivka: I am very happy 🙂


We are financing a shared lawn mower for Chalk Road so that residents can keep the grass cut and their shared space looking lovely.

See our short video of the day below 🙂



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Mint Chutney Making Workshop-Wednesday, 3rd October 10-11.30

Following a great Success of Lemon Curd making workshop last week, we have organised another foodie workshop for all condiments enthusiasts (and lovers of all things green).If I could just describe the aroma of lemon and sugar wafting in The Mix for hours afterwards- we were all getting high on lemon scent, and left the workshop in high spirits, smiling!

One of our gardeners and dedicated volunteer, Neena, will be showing us how to make a Punjabi Mint Chutney with Green Chillies. Participants would need to bring a few utensils from home, and we are providing all the ingredients.

It is bound to be another fun workshop, there will be tea and biscuits for peckish cooks, and you will able to take your product home, to be served with lamb or roast potatoes. Bon appetite!

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Chalk Road residents eagerly awaiting their Green Makeover Day 13 Sept

This is the ‘before’ photo!

We are delighted to be supporting residents of Chalk Road in their idea for beautifying their shared lawn space.  The residents have seen the long planter in Egham Road and have been meeting and chatting over the past few months to agree on the planter size and design they would like, and the plants too.

Thursday 13th September is Makeover Day!

This project is being funded by our SLAF fund and we are working with Groundwork.

Groundwork has booked a Corporate team of volunteers for the day to build and fill the wooden planter boxes and then put in the chosen plants.  Residents will be around to help and other neighbours and locals are welcome take a look and join in if you would like to. The planter will the width of the green with small planters at either end with dwarf conifer trees.

Zhivka, a resident who has been taking a lead, says ‘ This is helping to make our community nice.  I’ll be there on the day to help with the work and make teas and coffees.’

With thanks to Newham Leisure Centre for letting the Corporate volunteers use its toilet facilities.

Do come by on the day and say hello!

Milena and Ros