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Green Gym – fab harvest festival, goodbyes and a new year begins…

It’s exactly one year since PSBL started to support the Greenway Orchard Green Gym. It’s been a great year! Sadly we said goodbye to Amanda who has been the lead volunteer – she is emigrating to Portugal. We now leave the Green Gym in the capable hands of Eleanor and Clive and other locals, and we will continue to give support. The plan is that by 31st October next year, it is a totally independent group. See some photos from today – it was a lovely Autumn day and an opportunity to enjoy nature in Plaistow.

Lots of folk came along to say goodbye to Amanda

The Green Gym continues all through the winter: mulching the paths, pruning, planting and whatever projects they come up with. Unfortunately the bench was stolen this week and so a new one will need to be made.

A fabulous day with 16 visitors and workers ūüôā Just pop round or ring/text 07957 534908. Plenty of room for more!

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The Greenway Orchard now has water butt shed – so we want rain!

It’s been a problem for nearly 3 years now, which we hope we have solved.

The Orchard on the Greenway, a beautiful green space, with raised beds and all sorts growing, but no water!¬† It’s a 8 minute walk to the hospital with trolleys and wheelbarrows.¬† Clive , Eleanor and other volunteers put their heads together and came up with a solution.¬† We now have a water butt shed, and desperately want some rain to try it out and see how much we can harvest!¬†

We are at the Orchard every Thursday, 11-2.¬† It’s fun!¬† See some pics below from the last few months ūüôā¬† For more info click here

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Saturday is the Youth Market & lots more! 1st June.

Bring your family and friends to the PYM on Saturday 1st June.¬† We are expanding the market following your ideas that we’ve been gathering.¬† There will be 14 traders including food, refreshments & cakes, plus Dr Bike, board games, picnic area, and activities for children and young people including non contact boxing and self defence.

The weather looks good!¬† The stalls are amazing! We are building up activities to complement the stalls!¬† You will also be able to ‘adopt a sunflower’ that are growing quietly behind the stalls and need some individual love through regular watering and weeding. You’ll get an adoption certificate and a ribbon to tie by the one you choose!

Saturday 1st June.  11-3.  Plaistow Youth Market and community day.

Greenway between Barking Road and Prince Regent Lane

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Announcing our new Development and Engagement Lead appointment

Following a recent Plaistow South Big Local (PSBL) recruitment campaign for a Development and Engagement Lead, we are delighted to announce that Denny Cornuaud ‚Äď our former Chair, has been appointed to the role.

Denny brings with her a wealth of experience and understanding of Plaistow South and the wider community, as well as the Big Local National Lottery Community Fund.  

PSBL Steering Group members, supported by our Locally Trusted Organisation ‚Äď REIN (Rights and Equalities in Newham), completed the recruitment exercise together with the help of an independent HR consultant who led the recruitment process.

Denny’s role will primarily focus on the following areas:

  • Managing projects and staff
  • Leading on the implementation of the PSBL Plan and associated budget
  • Engaging with our community
  • Supporting the PSBL Steering Group to deliver the Big Local programme and PSBL Plan
  • Delivering our legacy and sustainability
  • Reporting on progress and delivery

This is an important step for PSBL. We are looking forward to following up and gaining momentum to our work from here.

Denny started work this week and will be reaching out across our network over the coming weeks.

You can contact her at the following email address:

Congratulations to Denny and best wishes to her in her new role! 

Patrick Pieroni, Interim Chair, PSBL & Paul Leslie, Director, REIN

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Your support needed for a new community project in Plaistow South

Announcing an exciting new project for Plaistow South that we have been dreaming of for years.¬† We urgently need your help to reach 100 ‘pledges’ within 2 weeks!¬†

Mind, Body and Soul Food: Building a kitchen for a community caf√© & social enterprise with therapeutic garden at REIN‚Äôs youth/community Centre in Cumberland Road to facilitate social enterprise, mindfulness, well-being & inclusion ūüôā

This is a ‘crowdfunding project’ that relies on financial and practical support from large numbers of local people and organisations.¬† We need ‘pledges’ of ¬£2 – ¬£500+!¬† ¬†It is a partnership between REIN, Urban Mindfulness and PSBL¬† and would cost ¬£113K for the first stage.

Here are the exciting advantages of the Mind, Body and Soul Food project.

  • New kitchen suitable for a community caf√© and social enterprise.
  • Small therapeutic garden that offers a tranquil time out space for young adults and their families.
  • New floor to the community hall suitable for well-being classes, workshops and courses.
  • Free educational Mindfulness Course with a prosocial intention to each Secondary School in Newham
  • Free educational Self defence course with a prosocial intention to each Secondary School in Newham
  • Week long summer mindfulness school for youngsters and their families in Newham
  • Address diversity & inclusion as highlighted by the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group Report “Mindful Nation”
  • Impact assessment to assess benefits & inform future application, including possible wider use e.g other London boroughs
  • Work with community/schools to identify individuals/groups who would benefit most and/or who are at greatest risk

We need your help to pass on the Word.  The SpaceHive crowdfunding website is here that you need to make your pledge on. If you need help with it, please do give us a ring or email. This can only work if we can build up a wonderful community body of support.  If you can tell your neighbours and friends, it would help a lot.  Schools, organisations, businesses:  please do also pledge support.

Our first goal is 100 pledges from local people within the next 2 weeks!!

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Calling all Plaistow artists and craftspeople!

A wonderful temporary art space in Plaistow will run again in 2019!

There will be an exhibition in the unique Tower Gallery in Memorial Community Church Barking Road from 4-17th July to showcase creativity in the Plaistow community. ūüôā It is open to anyone aged 11 upwards who lives, works, studies, worships or attends a community group in Plaistow.

Have you (or your group) done a painting/drawing/ photograph/ print/embroidery/collage or any other piece of creative work that you would like to put in to the exhibition? All items must be capable of being wall hung. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be “professional” just something you enjoyed and feel proud of.

You can submit a maximum of 3 items. Submission is free but there will be a small charge of £5 per person if your work is selected, to cover overheads.(Under 19’s in full time education free)

For details/submission form please contact:
Eva Price on mob:07421235291 Whatsapp 07506854245 email Submission forms must be by email or Whatsapp with photo(s) of work (phone if this is a problem). Submission deadline is strictly 14th June.

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Sunflowers on the Greenway…but not only there!

Enterprising MasterCard Corporate Volunteers planted 50 sunflowers on 1st May on two stretches of the Greenway between Barking Rd and Boundary Lane…and they are coming up! Young, strong seedlings are fighting their way up along the fence, against the odds..

Helped by the watering of passers by, and last Friday evening by the group of young Cornerstone Caf√© Girls Group, they are slowly but surely gaining height-we can’t wait!

The display cards  dotted along the fence asking for seedlings to be watered are raising interest of Greenway user too.

Just earlier today two plucky walkers, Chris and Glennys visited the  sunflower growing site on their epic Capital Ring walk, commended the efforts of the volunteers and said how impressed they were with the Greenway on the whole!

They promised they will be back in a few months to see the sunflower in bloom…now that is the sight we are all eagerly awaiting!

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Tree Pit Gardens in bloom…

The spring is in full swing, and the Tree Pit Gardens on Tunmarsh Lane are in bloom…and looking glorious. Continuous hard work by our local volunteers-Tree Pit Gardeners, regular watering and weeding have resulted in an abundant display of lupins, lavender, anemones and dahlias…with the imminent arrival of poppies and gladiolas in the coming weeks! Gardening Club Plus volunteers have also been lending a hand in making sure the Tree Pit Gardens are looking their best, and some of the plants that have ‘wandered off’ have been replaced, few new added, and bulbs are coming up too.

If you have not cast your eye at them before, I invite you to take a  stroll down Tunmarsh Lane…its not quite a Chelsea Flower Show…but its a flower show nevertheless!

Tree Pit Gardeners had a meeting at the end of April, and asked for a water butt to be installed- and it is now in place, thanks to the handiwork of one of the local builders, who also happens to live next to the Tree Pit Gardens!

It will serve the three Tree Pit Gardens at the corner of Upperton Rd Wes and Tunmarsh Lane, but can be used for all of them, as the owners of the house kindly allow access to any volunteers who want to give a hand with watering during the dry season(which is coming up, if the forecast is to be trusted).

Serco have been very swift in removing rubbish that gets  fly-tipped by the street bin, allowing the Tree Pits to show off their beauty…but that spot remains a particular painful point for the local residents, and we have been promised by Newham Council and Plaistow Neighbourhood Team that it will be monitored for the next two months, to identify whether it qualifies for CCTV- which is what the residents want, and have been asking for.

There is one more Tree Pit  on the same stretch of the road that is up for a make over, so any of you green fingered enthusiast would like to help create another wonderful display of plants and flowers, please get in touch with Milena at, or 07388-406-499. This make-over will take place in the next few weeks, and is wholeheartedly supported by staff at Tunmarsh Centre, as it is right outside their main entrance. The staff at the Centre have pledged to keep a watchful eye, and water as necessary.

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Gardening Club Plus gets their ‘green fingers’ in Tree Pit Gardens on Tunmarsh Lane

Following a successful pilot of ‘Adopt a tree Pit’ initiative by PSBL Green Spaces and Streets team, five out of seven Tree Pit gardens have now been adopted since February 2019,thoroughly transformed with hard work and dedication by local residents living nearby,¬†who also look after them.

Three months on, to give residents a helping hand with maintenance, Gardening Club Plus has expanded their twice-monthly meet-ups to now include  Gardening at Tree Pit Gardens once a month as well, so we are now meeting every 1st,3rd and 4th Wednesday  at 10 am for socialising and nurturing plants-and friendships!

The Tree Pit Gardens are now a point of conversation, passers-by stop to admire them, and compliment us on the gardens looking lush and colourful, people driving past and tooting their horns in support and even a few ‘thank you so much’ shout outs! The local dog owners have been very respectful too, as they do not let their dogs disturb the plants or¬†leave ‘deposits’¬†when they curiously sniff around the Tree Pits.

Last Saturday,27th April, we also had our first ‘Tree Pit Gardeners’ meeting, where we discussed challenges of growing public community gardens (stolen plants, littering, fly-tipping, vandalising), and where to source out water for watering the Tree Pits Gardens during dry spells-and we came up with a great solution: Water butt to be installed in one of our Tree Gardeners front gardens, for everyone to use during the dry spells. The minimal amount of plants that grew ‘legs’ instead of roots has already been replaced by PSBL, and there are plans to sow more seeds over the coming months to keep the Tree Pit Gardens beautiful. Our next Tee Pit Gardeners¬†meeting will be at the end of June, hopefully ending with the picnic.

There are funds available¬†to transform¬†the remaining two Tree Pits on Tunmarsh Lane (one in collaboration with Tunmarsh Centre and their Children’s Play group), so watch this space for more greenery on Plaistow Streets!

We also meet¬†at The¬†Orchard on the Greenway, where we¬†are in the process of creating a ‘Herb Garden’, as well¬†as at¬†‘The Mix’, where we shelter¬†from cold and wet weather, and run cooking or creative workshops of some sort in winter.


If you are interested in getting involved- by donating plants and seeds, volunteering, creating beautiful and lasting legacy in our neighbourhood, as well as making new friends whilst doing a spot of gardening, please get in touch with Milena via e-mail on 


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Hooray! Plaistow Youth Market re-opens on the Greenway for monthly markets

Saturday 6th April 11-3pm and every first Saturday through to September ūüôā

We are delighted that the Plaistow Youth Market, known as PYM, is returning to the Greenway on Saturday  6th April. It will run on the first Saturday of the month through to September.  This is following on from a busy January market at NewVIc where some traders sold out!

We have 15 traders booked for April.  We are delighted that Adam is returning with his delicious locally made jams.  Our youngest trader is Zara aged 9 will be there with her bead creations Рshe was one of the traders that sold out in January!

Lora Toma, our youth enterprise worker: ‚ÄúWe are excited to be running six markets in 2019.¬† The organising committee has agreed that we will also be looking to expand the event¬†this year and bring in other elements to make it even more of an occasion!¬† So far we are looking into Zumba dancing, board games area, Dr Bike, and planting activities with my Green Spaces colleagues‚ÄĚ

See you on Saturday 6 April and tell your Friends!