Harvest season for Green Gym and Tree Pit Gardens

Tree Pit Gardens After the summer that presented with a challenge due to the combination of long drought spells as well as the periods of persistent rain, the Tree Pit Gardens in Tunmarsh Lane are still looking lush and colourful. The volunteers, known as ‘Tree Pit Gardeners’ held two maintenance sessions in summer, replenished a […]

Container delivered! A solution to a Greenway Orchard Green Gym problem

The Green Gym committee and conservation volunteers are absolutely delighted, as well as relieved, that a secure container has been delivered to the Greenway Orchard.  This is a much-loved Container that means tools can be held on site as well as chairs and tables and other equipment. The Green Gym has re-opened since Covid-19 with […]

Green and Growing during Covid-19: Greenway Orchard, tree pits and sunflowers

Slowly but surely, the lockdown is easing off- and that means many more people out and about on Plaistow streets and green spaces. The Greenway is filling up again with cyclists, dog walkers and runners- and summer is in full swing, although you could not tell by the weather. Orchard on The Greenway is busier […]

We have launched a new fund!

Have you got a great idea that would benefit Plaistow South at this challenging time during Covid-19? If so, Plaistow South Big Local is launching a small grants fund that could enable your idea to become reality! We encourage residents and groups to apply for a grant for between £100 to £2500. It’s a simple […]

PSBL Community competition – win a voucher a week!

During the time when some of us have to self-isolate, and all of us are required to practice social distancing, it is important to show solidarity , and make an effort to communicate with our neighbours by other means.  We have seen many an image of window displays in the social media for passers-by to […]

What is self-care?

Self-care is any activity that we undertake in order to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety, as well as a path to a good relationship with oneself and others.                         Here are a few simple ways to practice self-care at home:  1. Make […]

Green Gym volunteers to run a special litter pick session 27 February

The Greenway Orchard Green Gym volunteers pick litter on the Orchard site every single Thursday. In recognition of a recent and generous TKMaxx donation, they are doing a special litter pick at the PSBL shed on 27 February 11-2. The site is very littered and overgrown. The Greenway Orchard Green Gym is now an independent […]

Calling for a cement mixer and generator for positive response to vandalism!

The Plaistow Orchard gets care and attention every Thursday by the Green Gym volunteers. The Orchard is a feel-good touch of wildness and nature on the Greenway to be enjoyed by everyone. Unfortunately a week after our fabulous harvest festival event at end of October, vandals destroyed hand-made benches, the water butt shed and damaged […]

Green Gym – fab harvest festival, goodbyes and a new year begins…

It’s exactly one year since PSBL started to support the Greenway Orchard Green Gym. It’s been a great year! Sadly we said goodbye to Amanda who has been the lead volunteer – she is emigrating to Portugal. We now leave the Green Gym in the capable hands of Eleanor and Clive and other locals, and […]