We at PSBL are currently evaluating our work and progress over the last few years and we hope you would be able to spend a few minutes to help us by giving us your views via our online survey. As a local person your input would be valuable to us in order to make sure we are getting it right & delivering great things for our community.
We want to know whether you feel we are making positive changes and what we can do better to address the needs in our community and make lasting impact with the resources we have left.
To complete the survey – which takes just a few minutes – please click the link here
This survey is hosted by Survey Monkey and is accessible 24 hours a day. Your responses are completely anonymous & should only be completed once per person.
The survey is targeted at people who live, work or study in the Plaistow South area, there is a link to the map & streets included if you are unsure. We would also like to hear from local businesses & volunteers. Our intention is to ensure that, though the data we collect, we are able to show the reflections of the wonderful diversity of our area and therefore encourage participation from minority ethnic groups, people with disabilities, young people & others whose voices are seldom heard.
Lastly, we at PSBL would like to say
for taking the time to do this & for your support.

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Calling for a cement mixer and generator for positive response to vandalism!

The Plaistow Orchard gets care and attention every Thursday by the Green Gym volunteers. The Orchard is a feel-good touch of wildness and nature on the Greenway to be enjoyed by everyone. Unfortunately a week after our fabulous harvest festival event at end of October, vandals destroyed hand-made benches, the water butt shed and damaged […]

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We are a Big Local area

South Plaistow is one of 150 areas selected by the Big Lottery to receive funds from a £200 million 10-year programme to ensure lottery ‘good causes’ money is fairly distributed.  We have over £1 million to spend between 2014 and 2024!  To find out more look at the About page

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We launched our 3-year Plan taking us from 2017 into 2020. Click on the image below to read it in full.

We are working on the 2020-2017 plan at the moment and hope to have it completed by June 2020. 



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