Greening Plaistow

Green Spaces

Look out for Milena and Ros who will be out and about to find your ideas for the many under-used and poorly maintained green spaces dotted throughout south Plaistow.  They are also interested in ideas for your street too.

“We are looking forward to working with you to make some wonderful changes, however small!  Small ideas, big ideas – we will work with them all.”

Don’t forget,  residents have the chance to have a fully-funded make-over of your nearest green space, with help from PSBL and corporate volunteer teams.   Talk to your neighbours, and if 3 or more people have an idea, Milena and Ros will work with you to plan the make-over.

Thursday 30th June 2016 was the day for our first green space makeover – click on the image below (and zoom if need be) to read about it:

Egham Rd make-over report

We held a follow-up day working with local children – here is the report of the event:
CHildren's day report
Go to our Facebook page – Plaistow South Big Local – for more photos of the activities.

Community Orchard

We joined LBN and the Green Gym on a freezing day at the end of January for the launch of the Greenway Orchard Project (at the Boundary Lane junction of the Greenway) – taking along the models created by Brampton Manor School students and Library users, created to represent ideas for public art on the Greenway.
Orchard Launch
We are working in partnership with LBN, Thames Water, Newham University Hospital and The Conservation Volunteers, also involving local schools, to develop a community orchard on a strip of Greenway land adjacent to the hospital. Meanwhile, here is info about TCV’s ‘Green Gym’ project on the site which is helping to prepare the ground:
Green Gym flyer


The Greenway

– coming soon